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Creating the Perfect Wedding Color Palette: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pittsburgh Couples

Photograph by Carl S. Miller

If you’re already planning your Pittsburgh wedding, you know that one of the questions you’ll be asked the most is this: What are your wedding colors? 

The colors you include in your wedding help to set the tone and reflect your style, personality, and the unique charm of this city we call home. At Bramble & Blossom, we understand the importance of creating a memorable and visually stunning wedding, and we're here to guide you through the process of choosing a color palette that will make your celebration memorable and authentic to the two of you. 

Photograph by Maria Crisafulli Photography

1. Draw Inspiration from Pittsburgh's Landscape

Pittsburgh boasts a diverse and picturesque landscape, from the iconic three rivers to the historic architecture. Take a stroll around the city, visit local parks, and draw inspiration from the colors that surround you. Consider incorporating shades of river blue, steel gray, and lush greenery into your palette to pay homage to the city's natural beauty. Get lost in Frick or Schenley, stroll down Smallman on a busy weekend, or head to Mt Washington for the full view of Pittsburgh. While you wander, snap photos that give a closeup of colors you feel a connection to. Maybe even make a date of it – you can compare notes when you get home from your adventure and see what Pittsburgh surfaces and colors resonate for both of you. 

Photograph by Jeri Stein Photography | Linens by Mosaic

2. Tune into the Seasonal Palette of Your Wedding Date

Pittsburgh experiences all four seasons, each offering a unique color palette. When you’re scrolling on Instagram, be sure to check wedding hashtags that align with the time of year that you’re getting married to see what colors are most present in the natural world at that time. Embrace the warmth of autumn with rich burgundy, gold, and deep green tones. If you're planning a summer wedding, opt for vibrant pops of yellow, peachy pinks, or cloudless sky blue. Winter weddings can always rock a classic palette of white, silver, and evergreen, while spring invites pastels like blush, lavender, and mint. We also recommend looking at the social media accounts of local flower farmers to see what they were growing on the week of your wedding last year - a great way to get into a visual time machine and see what the most beautiful flowers of our region were like at that time of year. 

Photograph by Adam Michaels Photography

3. Reflect On Your Personal Style

Your wedding colors should reflect your personal style and taste. I know, this one seems like a given, but hear me out. Dig a little deeper. What’s the most recent thing that you and your partner bought together – a couch? A lamp? Your monthly Netflix subscription? Dinner out? How did you decide together? When you’re choosing furniture, a takeout menu, or what to watch next…what are the important values that you each take into consideration? Now think about what you’re wearing today…How did you choose? What drew you to those colors and textures, that cut? Ask your partner the same question – their favorite sneakers, what made them choose them? Start dipping into this realm of inquiry and you’ll soon be well on your way to unearthing some details about your personal style and your style as a couple.

While you're already here, explore our portfolio and gather inspiration about seasonal, locally grown flowers. See some of our recent weddings and you might find a color combination that really resonates with you. Sit down together and you’ll be sure to land on some images where you both say ‘oh heck yes’ and some others that just wouldn’t suit either of you. Both are helpful feedback. Now you’re really getting somewhere! Make a list together of the personal style details that you might want to include in your wedding in some way. This doesn’t have to be exhaustive and you don’t have to use every idea, just try it out to get the conversation going. 

Photograph by Emily Havranek

4. Consider the Venue

Your chosen wedding venue plays a crucial role in shaping your color palette. It can be fun to soften more rough, industrial edges with a pastel palette (like at MuseumLab or Energy Innovation Center) or to let natural splendor take centerstage by choosing neutrals in a colorful outdoor space (like Succop or the Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens). If you've selected a historic venue like Soldiers and Sailors or the George Washington Hotel, with their vintage and ornate details, consider a timeless palette of gold, ivory, and navy or classic garnet and blush. For more modern spaces, like Hotel Monaco or the Andy Warhol Museum, experiment with bold and contrasting colors like peach and lavender or sungold and slate blue.

Photograph by Samantha Taylor Photography

5. Test Your Palette:

Before finalizing your color palette, conduct tests to see how the colors work together IRL. Try setting your table at home with the colors you’re considering and see if you actually like it! Enlisting a talented design team like Bramble & Blossom means that you can also have help choosing all the details like table linens and wedding stationery that elevate the colors you’ve chosen from boring to bespoke. 

Selecting the right color palette for your Pittsburgh wedding can and should be a fun process that allows you to infuse your celebration with personality and style. Nothing can give you more control over the overall look of the day and making this decision about color palette sets you up for making so many decisions that much easier down the line! At Bramble & Blossom, we are dedicated to making your Pittsburgh wedding dreams come true, and we invite you to explore our website for inspiration and guidance. With a thoughtfully chosen color palette, your wedding day in the heart of Pittsburgh will be a true reflection of your love and we can’t wait to help you make that happen!

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