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Top 10 Stunning Spring Flowers for Pittsburgh Weddings in May

You haven’t seen magic until you’ve visited one of our regional farming partners’ fields in May. It’s the early part of the local growing season, when trees are bursting with blooms and we can start to imagine how we might dance the night away under the stars at a spring wedding. Work with Bramble & Blossom for your May wedding in Pittsburgh and we’ll help you embrace seasonal offerings in diverse color palettes with locally sourced, eco-friendly flowers. We partner with passionate local farmers to bring you the freshest, most stunning blooms at their peak Pittsburgh perfection. 

In May, we swoon over these top spring blooms


Smother us in peonies and we’d die happy. Peonies, with their ample, pillow-soft petals, bring so much romance to your wedding. Bramble & Blossom’s local farming partners grow dozens of varieties, from soft blush to vibrant coral, single blooms to full-blown doubles.  

May wedding magic in Pittsburgh! A couple shares a loving moment on a famous yellow bridge, the bride holding a bouquet of white peonies and tulips.
Photograph by Dana Ratica, All Heart


When we say “tulips,” we’re not talkin’ about your grandma’s Easter basket tulips; think more Dutch masters' paintings. Bramble & Blossom loves to mix and match classic single varieties with more interesting and funky doubles, and parrot tulips for a dynamic, unforgettable look.

A bride in a wedding dress holds a colorful bouquet of spring flowers, including peonies, tulips, and ranunculus.
Photograph by Tyler Trippett


Our most requested May bloom, hands down. These delicate, tissue-paper-like blooms come in a rich range of colors and are grown locally by dozens of flower farmers right here in Western PA. In recent years, we’ve started to also see the newer butterfly ranunculus, which is from the same family, but has a more ethereal petal shape, so airy and light that it looks like it’ll just float away. 


Blue flowers on your wedding wishlist? You might have heard that this is one of the toughest colors to land in a bouquet, especially in May. Larkspur is here to save the day! In this bouquet set, below, for Erin & Robb's wedding at Hotel Monaco we paired larkspur with some other classic May blooms like anemone and ranunculus. Gorgeous.

Close-up photo of the bride and her bridesmaids' hands holding beautiful white and blue wedding bouquets. The bouquets include a mix of ranunculus, larkspur, anemone, and eucalyptus.
Photograph by Jeri Stein


Fragrant, ethereal, and unlike anything else available in early spring, these beauties offer a delightful pop of color and sweet aroma to your wedding day. Bramble & Blossom sources both wild, foraged and domestic, field grown sweet peas from Pittsburgh growers. These are a prime example of what’s possible with local, seasonal flowers – sweet peas do NOT like to travel, so we make sure that it’s less than 48 hours between their life on the vine and their appearance in your bouquet. 


Lilac brides are the luckiest brides. There, I said it. For me, there is just nothing like a lilac. Nothing. I still watch and wait for the lilacs to bloom in my yard, just like I did with the ones on my grandparents’ farm when I was a kid. Each year we get to use lilacs in a handful of weddings, and during their short, fleeting season, and they remain at the top of my spring flower wishlist. 

Close-up photo of a bride's wedding bouquet. The bouquet is a beautiful combination of purple tulips, white ranunculus, lilac blooms, a single clematis vine, and assorted greenery.
Photograph by Tara Bennett


Classic for all the right reasons. Hydrangeas are absolutely juicy in May. Available in shades of blue, green, pink, and white, hydrangeas offer voluminous blooms and vintage charm, adding a touch of fairytale magic to your wedding’s floral design. 


Does dainty-spikey sound like it could be your vanity plate? Veronica is an absolutely underrate floral star, as bold as she is gentle. The Bramble & Blossom design crew knows veronica is perfect for adding delicate texture and pops of color to bouquets and centerpieces. 

A group photo of bridesmaids in blue and mauve dresses. Each bridesmaid holds a beautiful bouquet with a mix of veronica, stock, garden roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, and delicate white feverfew.
Michael Will Photographers


Drama Mama! These intense, editorial blooms are available in as many colors combinations as their are cookies on your wedding cookie table. Our local farming partners grow heirloom varieties and also participate in trials for new breeding varieties - so we get the best of vintage Pittsburgh and the latest and greatest options from European and American iris breeders. Side note: yes, some flowers are BRED. Flower breeding is like plant Tinder – swipe right on the hottest blooms, mix those genes, and create totally unique, Insta-worthy flower babies.


While they don’t do well out of water (sorry, bouquets!), we love to add them to centerpieces and bud vases for a touch of sentimentality and a sweet nod to cherished memories. Whenever possible, Bramble & Blossom likes to add these to memorial arrangements. 

Hidden Treasures: Even More May Flowers for Pittsburgh Weddings

While the ten above are some of the most popular blooms, our local farmers offer a variety of other May treasures. Talk to our team about incorporating unique additions like Astilbe, Bleeding Heart, and Foxglove into your arrangements for a truly personalized touch, and never underestimate the power of blooming spring branches to WOW your guests!

Celebrate Locally & Sustainably

Choosing locally sourced, seasonal flowers from Bramble & Blossom means your wedding blooms are not only fresh and beautiful but also environmentally responsible. Support local farmers, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the magic of May's finest offerings for your wedding day.

For a full list of all the blooms available for your May wedding, inquire today


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