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Wedding Flowers
That Give a Fuck

Pittsburgh's Eco-Friendly Floral Designer

For something that brings so much beauty into the world, the floral industry is ugly. Most commercially-available flowers are grown by folks making a slave wage, then sprayed with toxic pesticides, wrapped in single-use plastic, flown across the globe, and arranged with floral foam that can give florists cancer. All those resources, and they still die, just like any other flower. 

What a fucking waste.


We’re over it at Bramble & Blossom, and as eco-friendly floral designers, we’ve committed to being part of the solution through sustainable practices like ditching the floral foam and single-use mechanics, composting, and exclusively working with American-grown flowers in the local Pittsburgh area. 

And we hope you’re over it, too. Because we can’t be the change without your help.

Jessica took my muted color palette and offhand comment about liking a field of goldenrod at a local nature preserve and created an entire wedding look that fit perfectly. Early autumn in Pennsylvania is always going to remind me of our wedding now.

Erin & Matt


Full-Service Florals

Your personality in flower form. We’ll get to know you on a deep level to understand your style and tastes before designing custom arrangements, bouquets, and floral installations that reflect your love story. Every detail will be interconnected and stunning. Creating unforgettable, ethical wedding florals authentic to you is our floral designer superpower. 

$4,000 minimum investment


  • Seasonal, American-grown flowers

  • Custom floral designs tailored to your vision

  • Free, unlimited access to our collection of candles, vases, arches & décor

  • Delivery to your venue

  • Set-up/installation and eco-friendly breakdown service


What's Included


A La Carte Florals

Flower magic without the fuss. Choose a color palette from our six dynamic options, tell us how many pieces you need, and our floral designer team will let their creativity shine creating custom designs for your wedding. You pick up your seasonal, eco-friendly flowers at the appointed time, or we can deliver in the Pittsburgh area for a small fee. No special requests, just easy, gorgeous wedding florals. 

May - September, No Minimum

October - April, $500 Minimum


  • Seasonal, American-grown flowers

  • Stunning floral designs using pre-designed color palettes

  • Containers and packaging for all designs 

  • Pickup


What's Included

Our Process

We started out with the ‘no fuss’ package and ended up changing to the ‘full service’ option, which was a wonderful decision. Our flowers couldn't have been more beautiful, and they created a magical atmosphere for our day.

Cullyn & Jon


About the Studio

With great power comes great responsibility. And flowers? They’re fucking powerful. That’s why our owner and lead floral designer Jessica Stewart (she/her) has built Bramble & Blossom to be a values-based, Slow Flowers design studio. We’re changing the wedding flowers game in Pittsburgh and throughout Western PA, creating floral designs that are as stunning as they are sustainable.  


We Know You Have Questions

What are Slow Flowers?

The Slow Flowers movement has grown up in resistance to the modern global floral market, which is focused on high-volume and low-cost flower production at great cost to our planet and its people. Being a Slow Flowers designer means that we work with local and seasonal flowers, reduce waste where we can, and support hard-working flower farmers who use sustainable practices.

During the field growing season (May – October), we are proud to source our flowers exclusively from local farms within 100 miles of Pittsburgh. If your event falls during the cooler months, we source American-grown flowers from parts of the country where it's a bit more temperate. Our studio never uses imported flowers — period. 

What is your rental collection?

Many weddings use a lot of similar decor: candles, lanterns, picture frames, vases, and other items that typically get thrown out at the end of the night. We’ve compiled a large collection of these basics as well as many custom pieces (like our three different archway options) over the years, and give our full-service access to them for free so you don’t have to worry about spending more money, or adding more trash to the landfill. We’ve even added Instax cameras to our collection — happy snapping! 

Do you work with the LGBTQ+ community?

Abso-fucking-lutely. We’re sad you even had to ask.

Rebellion Looks Good On You

Not that you set out to be a rebel, or anything. You just give a damn about people and the planet. And if your wedding can be a force for good — a force for change — then why wouldn’t do you things differently and choose eco-friendly wedding flowers? (No need to answer; it’s a rhetorical question.)

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