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Seasonal Flowers

Choosing seasonal flowers in Western Pennsylvania means that you can have 100% locally grown flowers for your wedding during the growing season (May - October). Ready to book a consultation and learn what flowers will be blooming on your wedding date?

Our Favorite Flower Folks

Connect with our farming partners for seasonal flowers in the Pittsburgh area.

Bramble & Blossom sources only 100% American grown flowers for our designs. That means that our clients can learn the first names of the folks who grew their flowers and exactly where they came from. Below are a few of our favorite flower farmers, part of a group of over two dozen farms and co-operatives where we source our beautiful blooms.

Brightly colored flowers from Brynhill Flower Farm

Brynhill Flower Farm

belle fleur gardens

Belle Fleur Gardens

Sol Patch Garden's red El Camino, full of flowers.

Sol Patch Garden

a bright bunch of spring flowers from the Pittsburgh Cut Flower Exchange


Flower Exchange

campanula flowers from Pisarcik Flower Farm

Pisarcik Flower Farm

lisianthus from the Ohio Cut Flower Collective

Ohio Cut Flower Collective

Slow Flowers

Bramble & Blossom is a proud member of the Slow Flowers Society. But what the heck are "slow flowers"? Flowers brought in by turtles? Snails? Sloths? Nope! Though all of that would be cute. 


Being a Slow Flowers designer means that we focus on the local, especially flowers grown within 100 miles of Pittsburgh.


Sourcing farther afield always means sourcing from American farms.


Our studio never uses imported flowers. Period.


There are just too many wonderful flowers growing right here in our region and too many negative impacts on the environment, economy, and human lives to source from the global market. 


We go the extra mile to ensure that the arrangements we make are free of harmful chemicals and that the farms we partner with have safe work environments for their teams. Our farmers work hard year-round to grow these gorgeous blooms and we couldn't do our work without them!

During the field growing season in the Pittsburgh area (May - October), we are proud to source our flowers exclusively from local farms. If your event falls during the cooler months, we are still able to source American Grown flowers from parts of the country where it's a bit more temperate. 

If you're curious and want to learn more about Slow Flowers, click here for the Slow Flowers Manifesto.

If you're a flower farmer who would like to sell us flowers, yay! 


Our design shop is a proud member of the Rooted Farmers network. We are proud to support local farms by buying directly from them, and excited to bring you the highest quality blooms, grown with care, right in our back yard.

If you are a farm looking to sell to us, we encourage you to learn more about Rooted by visiting You can also reach out directly via email by clicking here.

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