As a little girl, I spent much of my time at my grandparents’ small farm outside of Slippery Rock. I was always fascinated by plants and loved learning in the gardens, the fields, and the woods. These days, when I'm not making wedding flower magic happen, I'm at home in my own woods, hanging out with my husband and our little one. My greatest joy comes from seeing his eyes light up as he uncovers a mossy rock or throws a twig into still water, just to see what happens next. 

I grew up with a great appreciation for the cycles of the seasons and it's still what I love the most about working with flowers: that brief moment when each bloom has its peak. My signature style is tuned in to timing things just so. I also spend a lot of time thinking about the shapes and colors that reflect the landscape and hues of the place where I’m working. I love finding that perfect match between my clients’ style, the location of their celebration, and the season. 

My active membership in the Slow Flowers community is an important part of what I bring to my clients. The families who choose me for their wedding celebration can learn the names of the farmers who grew their flowers, and know that they were sourced from growers who care! Check out some of the extraordinary farms I partner with here.


In Western Pennsylvania, our growing season has three distinct, gorgeous stages: spring, with its peonies, anemones, and myriad ephemerals; summer, with its lush lupines, foxgloves, and roses; and autumn, which is dahlia-palooza around here, but also has lisianthus (one of my all-time-faves) and rudbeckia in the starring roles. 

I began humbly, learning the names of cut flowers and making sweet little bouquets for walk-in customers in a whiskey bar / flower shop in Brooklyn (yes, you read that right). I went on to co-own one of NYC's most successful floral design studios, Foxglove, and have spent the last decade as a small business owner, honing my personal style and ethics. Back in Western PA, now, and close to my roots, my favorite native flowers and trees, and of course, my family, I'm delighted about this next chapter. 


I'd love to hear about the traditions that your family wants to honor at your wedding, about your favorite flowers, and about how I can help you to make your wedding celebration a singular event, truly your own!

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Hello, I'm Jessica Stewart and I love locally grown flowers!

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For the longest time, I thought that my commitment to sustainability and locally grown flowers made my other ethics and values obvious to those interacting with me or with Bramble & Blossom. Um. No. That’s not how that works. 

It’s clear to me now that having a statement that confirms my commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion is as vital as telling you where the flowers are grown. Like you, I’m a human person who also happens to do something to earn my living. And I earn my living by making beautiful floral arrangements to celebrate love. All love, for all people. 

I value empowerment and inclusion. Bramble & Blossom works with diverse clients and wedding vendors. Our team is run by powerful women. 

I value the cultural, religious, and personal traditions of every person and try my best to help reflect them through my floral designs. 

I affirm and value the right of LGBTQ+ couples to marry and celebrate their love. 

I value transparency and fairness in pricing my work. Bramble & Blossom is delighted to work with folks getting married in the Pittsburgh region, regardless of their flower budget.

I value everyone’s right to use whatever gender pronouns they wish. My pronouns are she / her. 

I will never discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, age, sexual orientation, body size, gender identity or expression, class, education, veteran or citizenship status. 

Bramble & Blossom is grateful for the opportunity to express these values.