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About Bramble & Blossom

Eco-Friendly Pittsburgh Wedding Florist

Ethical. Sustainable. Anti-Racist. Inclusive. Accessible. Intentional. Stunning.


You’ll notice these characteristics in each Bramble & Blossom design, and in turn, realize that no one else does this work like us. That seems like a #HumbleBrag at first glance. But the truth is, we wish there was more competition. 

Jessica is a true artist — she had a vision for the day and executed perfectly. They handled not only flowers but other décor from her collection including SO MANY beautiful candles.

Jamie & Andrew

Meet Your Wild Flower Lady

Jessica Stewart's hands adjusting spirea in a winter flower arrangement

There’s a brief moment when each bloom has its peak. As a florist, that moment is what I love most about working with flowers. As a wedding florist, aligning that day with your wedding day is what I live for. 

That intentionality is the ethos of Bramble & Blossom. 

Our signature style centers on timing things just so. We select every shape, color, and texture in your arrangements to reflect the landscape and hues of the place where you’re getting married and the love story that you've shared with us. We exclusively source seasonal, American-grown flowers so that Mother Nature can wish you a happy anniversary each year as those varieties blossom. 

Everything should feel connected. Because everything is. Your personalities, your love story, your flowers, your wedding day — they were all meant to be. Just like finding a wedding florist you connect with on a deeper, values-centered level was meant to be. 

I’m so glad we found each other.

Jessica Stewart(she/her)

Our Heart-Centered Values

We do this work as eco-friendly wedding florists because we love nature — both people and our planet — and respecting both is at the core of our approach. Confirming our commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion is as vital to our work as telling you where your flowers are grown. 

Here's what matters most to us:

We value being good stewards of our planet’s natural resources, and commit to practicing sustainable, ethical floristry always.

We value empowerment and inclusion for our clients, our fellow wedding vendors, and our staff of powerful women.

We earn our living by making beautiful floral arrangements to celebrate love — all love, for all people. We affirm and value the right of LGBTQ+ couples to marry and celebrate their love. 

We value everyone’s right to use and be identified by their gender pronouns.​

We value your cultural, religious, and personal traditions, and will do our best to reflect them in your wedding’s floral designs. 

We value transparency, accessibility, and fairness in pricing our work. 

​If you feel this way, too, you’ll fit right in at Bramble & Blossom.

Her floral knowledge, communication skills, and genuine care and concern for us make us so confident that she was the right choice for us.

Kelly & Levi

Floral Realness Coming Atcha

Your love story is like no other, and we’re determined for your wedding flowers to follow suit. Whether you choose full-service floral designs or prefer a more chill a la carte approach, we promise our work will rock your socks off. Get in touch to start planning the floral design for your Pittsburgh area wedding.

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