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Seasonal Flowers, Authentic Designs, Ethical Floristry

Pittsburgh Wedding Florist

Your wedding is all about joy, and nothing expresses joy as simply as flowers. 


It’s joyful for the small farmers we partner with, whose businesses grow as they nurture the Pennsylvania soil. 


It’s joyful for your guests, who will spend your big day surrounded by the colors, textures and scents of the local blooms our team of designers arranged to represent you. 


It’s joyful for you and your partner, knowing that you felt as good as your wedding day looked because you honored your values and chose sustainable wedding flowers.

Making Flower Magic

Flowers are bewitching on their own, no doubt about it, but it’s the intentionality that we put into our designs that make them truly magical. Working with a local wedding florist and choosing seasonal flowers means that these blooms will greet you at the farmer’s market every year around your wedding anniversary. A thing of beauty really can be a joy forever.


Pittsburgh Florist with Heart-Centered Values

Any florist can make a beautiful arrangement. But can they do it with seasonal, locally-grown blooms, and avoid putting more toxic, carcinogenic crap into the environment while they’re at it? Most back away from the challenge, but we’ve embraced it, and the results have been extraordinary.

We were so happy to find someone who was so willing to source as many blooms locally as possible and also help us lessen the impact of our florals.

Maya & Michael


Take It Slow With Us

It doesn’t matter if it’s fast food, fast fashion, or fast flowers — they’re all bad for our bodies, and our planet. The Slow Flowers approach takes longer, sure, but we believe that true beauty is worth waiting for. You, too?

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