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From High School Sweethearts to Happily Ever After: Savannah & Will's Wedding at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden & Phipps Conservatory

In today's stroll down memory lane, we'll spill all the details on Savannah and Will's intimate September wedding, where our eco-conscious, locally grown blooms took center stage against the lush backdrops of two of our favorite Pittsburgh wedding venues.

Pittsburgh Florist transforms Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens into a dreamy reception venue, adorned with eco-conscious floral designs featuring seasonal September flowers.

When I first met this sweet couple, the thing that struck me was their calm about the whole wedding process. Will and Savannah reached out about three months before their wedding date, and these high school sweethearts were ready to tie the knot with their nearest and dearest close by. They didn't want a lot of fuss, they didn't want anything over-the-top. Their love has been so real for so long, they just wanted to celebrate it. I was so honored that they chose Bramble & Blossom to add those special visual touchstones through our sentimental floral designs and carefully chosen rental decor.

Eco-friendly floral arrangements at Phipps Conservatory, designed by Pittsburgh Florist, showcase the charm of September blooms in a stunning wedding ceremony setting.

Pittsburgh's Most Flower-forward Wedding Venues

Ceremony: Phipps Conservatory | Reception: Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

Picture it, babe! Our Instagram-worthy eco-friendly floral arrangements going wild, celebrating love at Phipps Conservatory and Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens, both! On the same day! Be still, my heart! Fun fact: Bramble & Blossom is a preferred florist at both of these extraordinary venues, but this was our first time seeing our florals in both places on the same day! On Savannah & Will's wedding day, Phipps and PBG were canvases for our eco-friendly floral artistry, creating an atmosphere that resonated with nature and love, loud and clear. The thing is, neither venue really needs any help at all to look stunning, its a delicate balance of showing off our client's personal style and their vibe as a couple with accentuating the best parts of the space where they're saying 'I do'.

Eco-friendly floral arrangements for a sweetheart table at Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens.

Earth Tone Color Palette & Local Flowers

Let's talk aesthetics. Will and Savannah chose a palette of earthy neutrals with hints of blue. Then, they trusted Bramble & Blossom to choose 100% locally grown flowers that could bring the whole scene to life – the ultimate sustainable flex. From the intricate petals of white dahlias to the delicate beauty of lisianthus, our eco-friendly floral designs transformed the wedding into a visual feast. Cupcake cosmos and blue flax added whimsy, while foxgloves brought a touch of natural elegance. On the morning of the wedding, one of our farming friends from the Pittsburgh Cut Flower Collective dropped by with some local crap apple branches, knowing that we were just the folks who would appreciate them.

Supporting local legends isn't just a tagline; it's a commitment. Belle Fleur, Sol Patch, Cutting Root, Brynhill, and Rootspring Farm – these names aren't just suppliers; they're partners in sustainability. Sourcing from these renowned local flower farms isn't just a choice; it's a statement. It's about local love and global impact – that's the essence of our eco-friendly floral designs. These farmers are the folks who make Bramble & Blossom's work possible, we owe everything to our local flower farming partners!

Floating candles and crab apples on muslin table runner.

Will & Savannah's Vendor Dream Team

Shoutout to Kristen Kane Events for being the maestro behind the scenes. Our eco-friendly floral designs seamlessly merged with their creative genius, creating a vibe that was effortlessly cool and consciously green. The planning team orchestrated every detail, ensuring that sustainability wasn't just a theme but a thread woven into the fabric of the entire celebration. We rely on Pittsburgh's expert wedding planners to keep timelines in order and make sure that everyone knows where their team needs to be coming and going.

Samantha Taylor Photography worked her magic, capturing every sweet and candid moment. Our eco-friendly blooms? They weren't just decorations; they were storytellers, narrating a love story against the soft, subtle colors of this grey day in September. And they were so perfect, set with Will and Savannah's photographs from the very earliest days of their friendship! Then school dances! Then on and on to the present with so many joys and milestones! The high school throwbacks? More than just snapshots – they were time capsules, invoking nostalgia and showcasing the couple's journey.

Now, let's talk taste. DiAnoia's Eatery brought the flavor, crafting a culinary experience that delighted the senses. Their cocktails are our favorite treat after a long day setting up weddings downtown or in the Strip. Like us, DiAnoia's puts its focus on the best ingredients, sourced as locally as possible and we respect the hell of of that! Slow Food + Slow Flowers are BFFs! Sustainability isn't sacrificed for taste; it elevates it to another level, leaving your taste buds and the planet satisfied.

Sustainable floral designs by Pittsburgh Florist sourced from local flower farms like Belle Fleur and Sol Patch, adding a touch of eco-conscious elegance to this Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens celebration. Candlelight and bud vase arrangements.

Ready to step away from the traditional and embrace something green and glam? Our eco-friendly floral designs promise a wedding that's not just about the celebration but also about love, growth, and Mother Nature. As your go-to eco-friendly wedding floral designer in Pittsburgh, we're not just creating beautiful moments; we're crafting an experience that's Insta-perfect and eco-conscious. Say yes to the green magic – choose us as your Pittsburgh florist for an unforgettable, sustainable love fest. 🌿


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