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2024 Wedding Trends We're Loving (and a few that are getting kicked to the curb)

As we step into the early days of 2024, I can honestly say, thank goodness! Thank goodness that on the horizon, I see wedding trends evolving to reflect a deeper focus on personalization and expressing your values. Couples are seeking unique ways to celebrate their love, making a conscious effort to create meaningful and memorable experiences for all. Here are five trends that are really hitting just right for me in 2024, each one aims to cultivate a more inclusive, personalized, and sustainable approach to weddings.

A bride and groom, both dressed completely in white, walk near the Frick in Pittsburgh. The groom is holding the bride's wildflower bouquet.
Claire & Nicholas | The Frick

Diverse and Inclusive Celebrations

In 2024, inclusivity takes center stage as couples embrace diverse celebrations that reflect their unique backgrounds and cultures. From incorporating traditions from both partners' heritages to celebrating love in all its forms, weddings are becoming more representative of the beautifully diverse world we live in.

Sustainable Floral Arrangements

While Bramble & Blossom has been a champion of locally and sustainably grown flowers for many years, we are delighted to see more and more florists around the country bringing slow flowers into their work, too! This past year I had more couples ask specifically for locally sourced and seasonal blooms than ever before, and I see that trend continuing into 2024. For many folks, the emphasis is on reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting flowers over long distances. But, keeping toxic foam, single-use plastic, and excessive use of chemicals in design work out of your wedding flowers has never been sexier. Seriously. Additionally, eco-friendly alternatives such as living plants (like culinary or medicinal herbs) from a local nursery and dried floral arrangements from a local flower farm are gaining popularity, offering a lasting reminder of the special day for your guests to take home. Win-win-win!

Customized Wedding Attire

I predict that 2024 will be year of folks finally coming just as they are to their own weddings. Personalization in the coolest details of wedding garments has been on the rise for a few seasons now, with couples choosing customized wedding attire that tells their unique love story. From embroidered initials to personalized patches or even hand-painted details, couples are making a statement with attire that goes beyond fashion, reflecting their journey and commitment to each other.

While we're on the subject of fashion, we have to shout out to our two favorite makers in the 'Burgh for custom wedding looks. First, shout out to our incredibly talented neighbor on S. Trenton Ave in Regent Square, Knotzland. Their bowties are so creative and fun (looking at your faux leather cowboy in brown with the gold tips, hello!)! And did you know that you can now opt to rent one of their accessories - such a cool choice for folks who might want to support a local business and reduce the single-use garments in their wedding celebration, but don't know when/where they'd wear such a great tie again.

Also, much love for Cathy Olivar! She designed a gown worn by a Bramble & Blossom bride last spring and won my heart! Her designs are so thoughtful and detailed. Gorg!

And hey -- We'll say it again, louder for the folks in the back: Wear what you are comfortable in. There are no rules. Be you!

Tech-Infused Guest Experiences

In the age of connectivity, couples are leveraging technology to enhance the guest experience. Livestreaming ceremonies for loved ones unable to attend, interactive online guestbooks, and virtual reality elements are just a few ways technology is bringing people together, irrespective of physical distance. We predict more robots and Zoom dancing in 2024, but don't see the phone-free ceremony going out of fashion (yay!).

A wedding party at the National Aviary including a groomsman who attended as a robot.
Xintong & Mohammad | The National Aviary

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Sustainability extends to wedding favors, with couples opting for eco-friendly and practical gifts. From reusable tote bags to locally sourced honey or plantable seeds, these favors not only serve as tokens of appreciation but also contribute to a greener planet. We've recently been loving these plantable favors on Etsy. Bonus points if you can find someone making these locally in your area.

plantable seed favors sold on Etsy

While we eagerly welcome these forward-thinking trends, it's also time to bid farewell to some outdated practices:

Excessive Single-Use Decor

Say goodbye to excess! Couples are opting for minimalism and sustainability over extravagant, single-use decor. Embracing simplicity not only reduces waste but also allows the couple's unique style to shine through.

Strict Gender Norms

Breaking away from traditional gender norms, couples are redefining roles and expectations. Just as we are coming into our own as a society understanding the gender spectrum, so, too, are our weddings and wedding traditions being changed and made more whole. Just this week I had a consultation with a couple who told me that they were having a Best Sister and a Fellow of Honor - his sister and her male bff - for their attendants during the ceremony. They started to explain what this meant to them and I just sat there smiling, it's the best feeling to hear folks so excited about honoring their family and friends in ways that are authentic to them. Weddings are becoming more inclusive and reflective of the diverse relationships that exist. In 2024, I think we'll see less and less enforcement of strict gender norms.

Cookie-Cutter Wedding Themes

One-size-fits-all wedding themes are a thing of the past. Byeeeeeee! More and more couples are embracing their individuality and crafting weddings that truly represent who they are. Whether it's a celebration that uses the colors and emblems of their shared hobbies or a fusion of cultural elements from both of their families, personalization is the key to creating lasting memories. In 2024, I hope fewer couples will try to fit into boxes that don't mean anything to them and are uncomfortable.

2024 brings a wave of positive change to the world of weddings, emphasizing inclusivity, personalization, and sustainability. As couples embark on this exciting journey, they are not only celebrating their love but also making conscious choices that resonate with the values of our caring and interconnected society. Cheers to a year filled with love, celebration, and finding more and deeper meaning in all of it.


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