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Peak Autumn Hues at Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Wedding

Updated: May 24, 2023

A bride in white boho gown and groom in burgundy suit, walk on a path under fall foliage. Bride carries a bouquet of brightly colored flowers.
Photo by Caitlin's Living Photography

Cullyn + Jonathan

The first thing that Cullyn and Jon told me about their wedding was that they wanted it to be natural, unfussy, and, warm. Those are three of my FAVORITE words to describe a wedding, so I was instantly all in. The next thing they said was turquoise + autumn hues. I swooned.

Bride in boho dress with four bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are wearing teal velvet floor length gowns. Fall foliage overhead and brightly colored flower bouquets.
Photography by Caitlin's Living Photography

This Pittsburgh couple reached out about 10 months before their wedding day, so we spent the better part of a year planning and dreaming about this bright and intimate celebration. We started with first things first, SEASONAL FLOWERS. October is a banger month for locally grown blooms here in Western PA, and Bramble & Blossom always source as close to home as possible. We began our plans for their lush floral pillar-style ceremony arch by considering foliage that would stand up to a blazing hot October day, a dreary rainy October day, or something in between. Pittsburgh friends, you get it. Our structure began with locally sourced crab apple and Bradford pear branches, giving structure and plenty of anchor points for the massive ton of dahlias we planned to tuck in next.

On to the of the most fun parts about autumn weddings is -- of course...have you met me? -- the dahlias and all of their spectacular names. The week of Cullyn & Jon's wedding, we were offered a genuine smorgasbord, including Gay Princess, Iced Tea, Cornell series (bronze & burgundy), Ivanetti, Snoho Doris, Diva, Boom Boom Yellow, White Ball, Nicholas, Cafe au Lait, and good old Steve Meggos. The other all-star plant hero in their arch was buckets and buckets of hanging amaranth from our friends at Sol Patch Garden. This is exactly the unfussy, softening, playful texture that's always at the heart of our signature floral design style. Bring in the stunning locally grown brown lisianthus, celosia, and scabiosa and this dream was a joyful reality.

Wedding Color Palette

Peach, Burgundy, Gold, Terra Cotta, Cinnamon, Blush, Crimson, Burgundy, Rust, & Sage.

Featured Flowers

Dahlia, Amaranth, Celosia, Scabiosa Pod, Scabiosa, Callery Pear, Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus

Local Flower Farms


Lauren Seiple

Floral & Event Design

Bramble & Blossom


Working with Jessica and the Bramble & Blossom team was such a great experience. From our first conversation, Jessica understood our vision even better than we did. We started out with the "no fuss" package and ended up changing to the "full service" option, which was a wonderful decision. Our flowers couldn't have been more beautiful, and they created a magical atmosphere for our day. Thank you, Jessica!


Photography by

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