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Celebrating Winter Weddings in Pittsburgh: December Pop Up at Phipps Conservatory & Botanic Garden

Winter weddings, set against the backdrop of Pittsburgh's snow-covered landscapes, have a dreaminess all their own. The days are shorter, the candlelight is sparklier, and the first dances are cozier. Bramble & Blossom recently had the pleasure of bringing to life a beautiful pop-up wedding extravaganza at Phipps Conservatory & Botanic Garden. Three couples — Heather + Brett, Javier + Craig, and Ted + Rachel — exchanged vows, creating lasting memories on one picturesque day in December.

For our pop-up event, we embraced the season's natural beauty by incorporating seasonal, American-grown flowers that captured the essence of mid-winter. We sourced an abundance of evergreen foliage from one of our favorite local farming partners, Bryn Hill Flower Farm, as well as some dried flowers from Sol Patch Garden. In winter, we always try to think creatively about how to keep our primary sources local. Since Bramble & Blossom doesn't use any imported flowers, our focus turned next to the West Coast. Garden roses, stock, yarrow, star of Bethlehem, lisianthus, and ranunculus came to us from California. The result was a ceremony scene that radiated warmth and sophistication, perfectly complementing the winter wonderland outside.

A Single Ceremony Scene, Three Unique Love Stories

One of the highlights of this pop-up wedding was the creation of a single, breathtaking ceremony scene that served as the backdrop for all three couples. Our talented team of designers created this space using the archway on site in the Phipps Special Events Hall, allowing each pair to share a unique moment while still contributing to the collective beauty of the day.

At Bramble & Blossom, we understand that every couple is unique, and their wedding flowers should reflect their individual style. For this pop-up wedding event, we meticulously crafted personal flowers for each couple, ensuring that their arrangements were not only beautiful but also a true reflection of their love stories.

Heather + Brett opted for a timeless neutral color palette and gave us all the feels as Brett kissed Heather's tummy and they shared the joy of the day with their baby-to-be. We're not crying - you're crying. Brett's boutonniere featured a single deep white ranunculus - an absolute classic for winter weddings.

Javier and Craig opted for matching floral pocket squares, complementing their sleek suits. These one-of-a-kind arrangements featured pale blue delphinium, white lisianthus and ranunculus, and some seasonal evergreen foliage. Tucked into the grooms' pockets, they were busting at the seams with floral goodies!

Ted and Rachel embraced a soft pastel color palette and mellow, calming vibe. Rachel's bouquet featured a mix of butterfly ranunculus, stock, garden roses, and lisianthus, as well as some seasonal foliage, and was meant to be next to her incredible gown with lace and cap sleeve details.

Witnessing the next chapter of these real love stories unfold, surrounded by their friends and family and, of course, loads of American-grown flowers, was truly heartwarming. Phipps Conservatory & Botanic Garden provided the perfect backdrop for these winter weddings, with its lush greenery and stunning architecture enhancing the day's magic. It was such a joy to be a part of this busy and beautiful day for these three Pittsburgh couples.

Special thanks to Andria Zutich for her incredible photographs!

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